Get To Know All About Architectural Mouldings

Architectural mouldings play a major role in interior decoration of a room. Interior and exterior mouldings have low maintenance cost and look attractive as well. The best online service provider offers hundreds of moulding profiles for both interior and exterior use which includes highest density products as well. These mouldings are available both in classic as well as contemporary style. All mouldings come with a factory applied coat of primer. Whether it is a new construction, remodeling, historic restoration or adding a decorative touch, the best online contractor helps you to find the right product which you have in your mind.

  • Materials-The following materials are used to manufacture Mouldings.
  1. Polyurethane
  2. Cellular PVC
  3. Styrene
  4. Structural fiberglass
  • Types of mouldings - The best online service provider offers the following types of Mouldings.
  1. Fascia
  2. Crowns
  3. Chair Rails
  4. Trims
  5. Castings
  6. Base Boards
  7. Flat Boards

Advantages of polyurethane mouldings

Polyurethane mouldings are light in weight and easy to install as compared to traditional or cast products which were available previously. The wooden mouldings which were available previously required repeated paintings and repairs whereas polyurethane mouldings are more durable and weatherproof. They are resistant to insects and rots. They neither shrink nor expand due to temperature changes.

The best online service provider offers the following types of Mouldings.